Saturday, January 27, 2007

Why Crown Prince Reza PAHLAVI Heir to Throne of Iran is playing a vital role in war era of Iran

In past, on several occasions Iranian people from all political factions had gather in one occasion to create an alliance with each other and each time their occasion did not blossom any constructive fruit and had failed to achieve its final objective which was unity among all different political groups with intention to oust the theology state in Iran. Thus, Iran’s future has become dark and gloomy because at this time there are nine US naval in Persian Gulf with intention of mission to go in Iran. Plus, the US is beefing up its muscle in Iraq and Afghanistan with intention to protect its interest in the region and when there will be a military strike at the clerics, obviously the US would face minimal amount of reprisal from the cleric’s hostile war machine. The US will attack at the clerics in Iran and will topple the theology state in Iran for their own safety and security, the US is not attacking Iran because of Iranian people.Now, Iranian people should have reach to a point and realize that Crown Prince Reza PAHLAVI Heir to Throne of Iran is playing a vital role in Iran’s current and future politics. First, Crown Prince is a military officer which puts Him in a military position to command Iran’s army during war in order to provide safety and security to Iranian people and last Crown Prince is a political credit for Iranian people to maximize their interest in international community.Crown Prince Reza PAHLAVI received His military training in the US and He is a fighter jet pilot. The point is not that He attended military school. The point is at some point in close future the US will launch military strike at Iran. In event, when the US will decide to attack Iran who will ask Iran’s army to join Iranian people and not to join insurgent? There is a well known and universal military rule that a civilian cannot command military personnel neither foreign military officers. Thus, Crown Prince as a military officer is playing a vital role for commanding Iran’s army toward liberation of Iran and not invasion of Iran and during turmoil He will command army to join Iranian people and protecting Iranian people from further harm. Everyone, pretty much, at some point in their life has gained some kind of bitter experience from the Mullahs irrational behavior and knows very well that the Mullahs during chaos will decide to do some kind of irrational act; such as, executing all political prisoners. Thus, Crown Prince as a military officer may be able to overturn the Mullahs order of execution of political prisoners. Stakes are high.Last point, Iranian people from different political factions had endeavored to unify themselves in their just cause against the theology state in Iran. However, these political factions had failed to achieve their final goal. Now, Iranian people need someone who is highly respected and has a good reputation in international community and most importantly Iranian people need someone who is well known in international community. There is someone who is well respected and has high reputation in international community that this someone is Crown Prince Reza PAHLAVI Heir to Throne of Iran. Once, the US attacks Iran, in first step of post war, there is need for some individuals to go inside of Iran to deal with Iran’s torn apart political system, and one person is Crown Prince, who is a well known person in international community, and foreign leaders are eager to support Him and will listen to Him, and will do their best to rebuild Iran in fast pace.In conclusion, Crown Prince Reza PAHLAVI Heir to Throne of Iran {making sure everyone understand that in past and present time Crown Prince has mentioned firmly that He opposed US military strike in Iran. He has asked for civil disobedience tools to topple the theology state in Iran} is playing a vital role in war era of Iran. First and most importantly, there is need for an Iranian military commander to order Iran’s army not to join insurgent group. Instead, Iran’s army to assist Iranian people to give the final below to the theology state in Iran. Last point, Iran’s political system requires architects to build its political system. Plus, international community will trust and will support Crown Prince Causes, and Crown Prince is a well known, as well as, He is a well respected by international community. The best option for any organizations, at this time, is to join Crown Prince Reza PAHLAVI just causes in order to save Iran from further agony and pain, and all of us will inherit a country which has been torn apart by the Mullahs.
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