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RE: Mullah RAFSANJANI and his associates including Islamic Republic of Iran investments in Canada

Tuesday January 23rd, 2007
Office of the Auditor General of Canada
240 Sparks Street.Ottawa, OntarioK1A 0G6 Canada
Via: Register mail {Confirmed}.
National Headquarters OttawaCanadian Security Intelligence Service {CSIS}.
Via: Register mail {Confirmed}.
Dear Sir/Madam:
RE: Mullah RAFSANJANI and his associates including Islamic Republic of Iran investments in Canada
There are significant amount of legal evidences that Mullah RAFSANJANI, who is one of founder of Hezbollah terrorist organization in the Middle East that RAFSANJANI is having colossal investments in Canada, and using Canada as his economic base for his evil deeds. RAFSANJANI investments are located in following cities; such as, city of Lava in Province of Quebec, city of Toronto in Province of Ontario, city of Edmonton in Province of Alberta, and cities of North-Vancouver, West-Vancouver in Province of British Columbia. Furthermore, there are elements of RAFSANJANI, as well as, Islamic Republic of Iran [IRI] that they have made Canada as their economic base and Canada has become their terror fundraising nests.Canada’s obligation to Iranian people, after regime change in Iran.1. After regime change in Iran Mullah RAFSANJANI will be extradited to Iran for prosecution regardless of his legal status in Canada.2. After regime changes in Iran all family members of RAFSANJANI whether they are directly or indirectly related to each other, they will be extradited to Iran for prosecution regardless of their legal status in Canada.3. After regime change in Iran all elements of Islamic Republic of Iran will be extradited to Iran for prosecution regardless of their legal status in Canada.4. All properties of RAFSANJANI, and his family, plus Islamic Republic of Iran are not transferable, non-negotiable whether property is tangible or non-tangible. Thus, all assets of above individuals MUST be transfer to Iranian people, after regime change forthwith.5. All above individuals have committed horrendous crimes against Iranian people; such as, stealing Iran’s wealth and stashing it in Canada, taking part in Human Rights Violation in Iran and outside of Iran, stoning innocent people to death, and committed act of terrorism in Ian and outside of Iran and other countless crimes.6. On March 19th, 2002 Canadian Government had first hand knowledge that the Islamic Republic of Iran is using torture and violating Human Rights in Iran because of Ezat Mossallanejad was recipient of an award for Diversity-City and his name was mentioned in the House of Commons Debate[1].7. On April 09th, 2002 House of Commons Debate, volume 137, number 164, first session 37th Parliament, when Honorable Rahim Jaffer stated that “Mr. Speaker, it is wrong that the government is allowing Hezbollah to raise money in Canada ”[2] and when Honorable Bill GRAHAM turn came to respond to Honorable Rahim JAFFER’s above comment as GRAHAM stated that “Mr. Speaker, I think we have made it clear. This question has been asked before in the House. It is very clear that Hezbollah's military arm and any activities that it is conducting in Canada which have anything whatsoever to do with raising money for military activities are totally banned and repressed by the government. There are, however, activities by Hezbollah which are of a social nature, and there are 12 members of the Lebanese legislature elected by Hezbollah to the legislature, and we are not going to declare them terrorists and stop dialogue with them in our efforts to get peace”[3]. Rahim JAFFER responded to GRAHAM’s above statement that, “Mr. Speaker, these are very fine lines. Let us be clear on who we are talking about. In 1983, Hezbollah blew up the U.S. marine and French army barracks in Beirut. It blew up the U.S. embassy annex in Beirut in 1984. It attacked the Israeli embassy in Lebanon in 1992. It continues to attack Israeli settlements. Canada claims to be standing shoulder to shoulder with the United States in the war on terrorism. The United States has banned fundraising by all branches of Hezbollah. Why has Canada only banned the military wing?”[4]. GRAHHAM responded by saying that “Mr. Speaker, we are also standing side by side with our colleagues in the United Kingdom who have adopted exactly the same stance that we have. The members of the United Kingdom are aware from the Irish experience that there is a difference between Sinn Fein and the IRA and that if we want peace we must deal with those who have a political dialogue. That is what we want. We do not want to just point fingers. We want peace. That is what we do in all our policies”[5]. Dr. Hassan ABBASI is a think tank of Hezbollah as he stated that he trained Hezbollah terrorist cells and does not want peace, and terrorism is a divine act [6]. Further, Honorable Gilles Duceppe informed Honorable GRAHAM that violence had escalated in the Middle East and Canada needed to take a firm approach toward the Middle East chaos and Honorable GRAHAM responded that “Mr. Speaker, we have always communicated the message to countries such as Iran, that arms shipments to Palestinians in these circumstances are not helpful. So, we are on the same wavelength as the member”[7] and Ms. Francine Lalonde “Mr. Speaker, to my knowledge, in 2000, Canada shipped $1 million worth of arms to Israel”[8]. In brief deducing above quotes of parliament, “the Liberal response to terrorist violence in the Middle East has been ambivalent at best. In particular, the Liberals have continued to permit fundraising by terrorist front organizations in Canada such as the civilian arm of Hezbollah. This is unconscionable”[9]. Also Parliament knows very well that “former Iranian President Rafsanjani explicitly threatened Israel with the use of nuclear weapons should Iran obtain them”[10]. Indeed, Honorable GRAHAM was right that “it is our actions that count when it comes to others, not talks”[11]. Thus, Canada is causing chaos in the Middle East by providing financial means to Hezbollah and selling arsenal to Israel. Welcome to Trojan-Horse Era.8. Canadian Authorities could demonstrate good intention to Iranian people by providing information on all assets of RAFSANJANI, his associates and IRI to author of this letter.9. Canada act accordingly.10. Acted in good faith at all times and reserving the right to alter, add material/s to this document.11. Author of this letter is sole responsible for this letter.All in all, this letter is constituted as a legal document with intention to give warning to Canada that after regime change in Iran that the Canadian Government regardless of their frontiers has total and absolute obligation to fulfill above obligation and may be there will be further obligation on horizon. Otherwise, Canada will face civil-action and other appropriate serious legal repercussions. This document is mean to be informative to Authorities in Canada and does not constitute as a threaten letter to the Canadian Authorities. Kindly do not reveal my identity to anyone because the clerics have threatened my family to death if I speak against the theology state in Iran.
Thank you,
Kind regards
Immortal Soldier
c.c. Crown Prince Reza PAHLAVI Heir to Throne of Iran via e-mail
End Note.

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