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RE: State of Union Speech and not abandoning friends of US

Wednesday January 24th, 2007
President of United State of America George BUSH Junior.
The White House1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NWWashington, DC 20500 USA
Dear President George BUSH:
RE: State of Union Speech and not abandoning friends of US
On Tuesday January 23rd, 2007 President of United State of America George BUSH Junior gave speech to a grander audience. President made remarks with regard to war on terror which was straight to point that President came to conclusion that this war on terror commenced long time ago as President mention “in the mind of the terrorist, this war began well before September the 11th, and will not end until their radical vision is fulfilled”[1]. Quite frankly, this terror campaign against West, it has commenced when, in 1979, Khomeini HENDI took power in Iran and he preached hate to his audience toward US and encouraged and spread fanatic ideas of demolition the US and until this very day individuals like belated Khomeini are dreaming of destroying the US and anyone who is not Shiite Muslim. In addition, as President made it clear that “these men are not given to idle words, and they are just one camp in the Islamist radical movement. In recent times, it has also become clear that we face an escalating danger from Shia extremists who are just as hostile to America, and are also determined to dominate the Middle East. Many are known to take direction from the regime in Iran, which is funding and arming terrorists like Hezbollah -- a group second only to al Qaeda in the American lives it has taken”[2].President also came to conclusion that the radical Muslims “whatever slogans they chant, when they slaughter the innocent they have the same wicked purposes. They want to kill Americans, kill democracy in the Middle East, and gain the weapons to kill on an even more horrific scale”[3]. Indeed, the clerics in Iran want to murder and destroy the very existing of humanity regardless of their frontiers. Thus, “this is not the fight we entered in Iraq, but it is the fight we're in. Every one of us wishes this war were over and won. Yet it would not be like us to leave our promises unkept, our friends abandoned, and our own security at risk”[4]. As President, in past, has promised to help Iranian people to liberate Iran from yoke of Mullah in Iran. Asking President not to abandon Iranian people in their just cause toward liberation of Iran because the clerics have made Iran their nest, and as long as the clerics are in Iran, the US is in danger of terror. Thus, liberation of Iran from yoke of Mullah means that the US has won the war on terror and “on this day, at this hour, it is still within our power to shape the outcome of this battle. Let us find our resolve, and turn events toward victory”[5].The US can win this war on terror by allocating its resources on most effective sources; such as, Crown Prince Reza Cyrus PAHLAVI Heir to Throne of Iran. Crown Prince is a source which has not been explored yet by any of US Administration and His portfolio has similarity to the US President.President Portfolio:1. President “was accepted into Yale University, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in history in 1968”[6].2. “In May 1968, at the height of the ongoing Vietnam War, Bush was accepted into the Texas Air National Guard”[7].3. “After obtaining an MBA from Harvard University (Bush is the only US President to serve holding a Master of Business Administration degree)”[8].Crown Prince Reza PAHLAVI Portfolio:1. “In 1978, he moved to the United States to complete his higher education. He was trained as a jet fighter pilot at Reese Air Force Base in Lubbock, Texas and is a political science graduate of the University of Southern California”[9].2. Crown Prince is well respect by international community and “in 2004 Reza Pahlavi was named as the "unofficial godfather" of Princess Louise of Belgium the eighth granddaughter of King Albert II of Belgium. The decision to choose him was criticized by the Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic”[10].Crown Prince Reza PAHLAVI’s record:1. Crown Prince is not imposing His political view on anyone and Iranian people will decied for themselves for type of state in Iran as “in an interview with David Frost on the BBC's Breakfast with Frost programme, Pahlavi defined his aims with the words "I think that the choice of future government should be left to the Iranian people to decide in a free election. What form it ultimately take is up to them, the issue, the essential point for me is that there is no way that we can achieve the aspirations that we have as a nation unless we have the separation of church and state and under the current regime clearly we don't have that"[11].2. There is a role for Crown Prince to play to oust the theology state in Iran because according to “Rob Sobhani, an academic and political activist told the BBC "I think there's a role for all dissidents, including the son of the Shah - because Iran today is thirsty for leadership, Iran is thirsty for someone with vision. I think what's lacking in Iranian politics today is someone with a vision. I think if that individual - a man or a woman - appears on the scene and grabs the attention of the Iranian people, with a vision of what he or she would like the country to move towards, they will certainly be the beneficiary of that goodwill, that thirst for a leader"[12].3. Iranian people want Crown Prince as their Constitutional Monarch because of “reports do however speak of a growing curiosity about Pahlavi. A Wall Street Journal report in November 2001 quoted a 17-year-old Iranian student as saying "We didn't know who he was. But as soon as we heard him, we felt it was our own words that we couldn't say. He said them beautifully"[13].Summoning up above thoughts, President came to conclusion that there is need for firm action against the theology state in Iran. Obviously, this radical Islam which is originated in Iran, it must be eradicate in order to have safe and secure global village. Further, President came to conclusion that US won’t abandon its friends, and Iranian people as friend of US want to liberate Iran from yoke of Mullah. Thus, there is one important variable in this formula of ousting the theology state in Iran, this important variable is Crown Prince Reza PAHLAVI Heir to Throne of Iran, who is well respected by international community, as a matter of fact, He has unembellished record, and Iranian people love and adore Him. Even, He stripped Himself from His ascribed status which is Crown Prince and wants individuals to refer to Him as Reza. However, Iranian people call Him Crown Prince Reza because Iranian people love Him and want Him to become their king.Last, Iran’s political culture is different than US. Iran’s literature had put heavy weigh on role of prince and king in Iran’s politics; such as, Shahnameh by Ferdowsi. Plus, Iran’s contemporary historian with name of Ahmad KASRAVI TABRIZI mentioned that best type of state in Iran is Constitutional Monarchy.President BUSH do not abandon Iranian people, please give Crown Prince Reza PAHLAVI the tools that He needs in order to oust the theology state in Iran for well being of global village.
Thank you,
Kind regards
Immortal Soldier
c.c. Crown Prince Reza Cyrus PAHLAVI via: e-mail
Reza Pahlavi's Secretariat
P.O. Box 566Falls Church, Virginia 22040 USA
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