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RE: Mullah Rafsanjani and his family’s foreign investment in Canada

October 16th, 2006
Right Honorable Prime Minister of Canada Stephen HARPER
80 Wellington Street.Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2 Canada
Fax: 1-613-941-6900
Honorable Prime Minister of Canada Stephen HARPER
RE: Mullah Rafsanjani and his family’s foreign investment in Canada
There are a few serious legal evidences that Iran’s former president Mullah Ali Akbar HASHEMI RAFSANJANI, his son Mehdi HASHEMI RAFSANJANI and his daughter Faezeh HASHEMI RAFSANJANI are making investment in Canada. This paper is accusing the RAFSNAJNAI family for theft from Iranian people. Mullah RAFSANJANI has made staggering investment on Highway 407 which is located on Province of Ontario Canada and plus Center Point Shopping Center in Toronto, Ontario Canada.According to the current available document Ali Akbar HASHEMI RAFSANJANI file number is “CIC2004001660 Citizenship and Immigration Canada Media 6/14/04 0:00 any documents, memos, reports, letters, emails, voicemail transcripts or other written or recorded material concerning direct foreign investment by companies and individuals of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Canada, including but not limited to Highway 407, the Centerpoint shopping Center in Toronto. Also any material on visits, official or unofficial, to Canada by member of the Iranian government, and/or family members of former Pres. Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsnajani (aka Rafsamjani), including son Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani (aka Rafsamjani), and daughter Faezeh Hashemi. Timeframe January 1, 2000-June 14, 2004.”Further to above evidence, there is one more peculiar evidence that what appears to be RAFSANJANI is residing in city of LAVA in Province of Québec, Canada or he has someone in Province of Québec Canada, who is acting behalf of him or he has an entourage in Canada because according to this document he claimed his insurance; “CAIR_06_04.txt CRA2003023024 Canada Revenue Agency Academic 2/9/04 0:00 "All records and information in possession of the CCRA regarding the theft of a computer from its... ...members of former Pres. Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani (aka Rafsamjani), including son Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani (aka Rafsamjani), and daughter Faezeh...55% Fri, 09 Sep 2005 15:44:08 GMT” Is RAFSANJANI a Canadian citizen?There is a serious problem by allowing Mullah RAFSANJANI comes to Canada and allowing him to invest money in Canada. First and for most importantly, Mullah RAFSANJANI is a convicted criminal, in 1940, he was involved in assassination of His Excellency, Prime Minister of Iran “Hassan Ali-Mansur”.[1] RAFSANJANI at the time of assassination was member of terrorist group which was known as “Fada’iyan-e Islam (Devotees of Islam)”[2]. Also, RAFSANJANI was incarcerated during PAHLAVI Dynasty due to other terrorist activities, and after inception of the Islamic Republic of Iran, he appeared in front of camera and took credit for his role in assassination of His Excellency, Hassan Ali-Mansur. RAFSANJANI’s dark days are extended to late 90s’ there was an internal clash among clerics and there were several intellectuals, who were speaking against the brutal theology state of Iran. RAFSANJANI was one of the masterminds who were involved in murdering opposition voice. RAFSANJANI’s horrific act of slaughtering people was known as “chain killing”. One intelligent officer with name of Akbar GANJI, apparently he, claimed that he was converted to secularism. He revealed the identity of the killers and he pointed his finger at RAFSANJANI as one of the murderer. RAFSANJANI is a cold blooded murderer, there is no doubt that there are serious criminal charges pending against him by his victims and surviving families, once the tyranny theology state of Iran will be oust, he will be before International Tribunal same as Saddam HUSSIEN did.Currently, he is investing in real estate or more accurately he is investing in construction industry in Canada and the question is this, where is the money coming from that he is able to invest in Canada? RAFSANJANI will claim that he has a pistachio farms. However, the pistachio farms are unable to generate such a significant amount of money for this cleric to make extravaganza investment overseas. There is no doubt that he is stealing money from Iran’s oil, and is investing stolen money in Canada and according to Canadian Criminal Code “section 322. (1) Theft-Everyone commits theft who fraudulently and without color of right {honest mistake} takes, or fraudulently and without color of right converts to his use or to the use of another person, anything whether animate or inanimate, with intent, a) to deprive, temporarily or absolutely, the owner of it, or a person who has a special property or interest in it, of the thing or of his property or interest in it; b) to pledge it or deposit it as security”.[3] If RAFSANJANI is assuming after removal of clerics in Iran he will fly to Canada and won’t face legal consequences. He is absolutely wrong. Having said that holding Canada accountable as well as responsible for RAFSANJANI’s theft. Asking this question, when a person commits shoplifting and comes out of a store and sells the stolen property to another person, and when the buyer is aware the good was stolen. Thus, the buyer also committed theft, the buyer is an accomplice and guilty of theft crime.When Mullah RAFSANJANI is stealing Iran’s oil and investing in Canada. Iranian people are the only people who are victim of this cleric theft. On March 2006, Export Development Canada, Jocelyn Lussier, published an article with regard to Iran. In this article it has mentioned that “structural reforms: The new government strategy of addressing the economic disparities in Iran 75% of national income is in the hands of 10% {Iran’s population is 70 million}, is a major challenge, but it is the core of Iran’s key structural problems for future development”. [4] Honorable Prime Minister of Canada HARPER please do not view this 75% merely a number, the 75% means Iranian people who are deprived from basic necessities of life and; “to provide a vivid example of the deplorable state of the economy, the dollar, which was pegged 70 rials in 1979, is now pegged at 8,000 rials. There is such destitution that some parents are driven to sell their organs in order to feed their families. Very young girls are reduced to prostitution, and an increasing number of children beg for their daily breed. Malnutrition is widespread”. [5] When RAFSANJANI is stealing Iran’s money and is investing that money in construction industry in Canada, he is hurting Iranian people, he is a cruel man without moral value.Further, Jocelyn Lussier made a statement that “significant levels of corruption and a complexity bureaucracy continue to underline the challenging nature of Iran’s business climate”.[6] RAFSANJANI is one element of corruption in Iran so he can steal Iran’s oil money and to invest in Canada.Ms. Zahra KAZEMI was murdered in the hands of clerics in Iran, and Canada did not take firm position against the clerics in Iran. Dr. Ramin JAHANBEGLOO falsely accused of espionage in Iran and Canada did not illustrate leadership role in his matter. Does oil matter for Canada or human being matters for Canada that is the question?Canadian deserves to know that money which is generated by RAFSAJANI in Canada will back fire at Canadian citizens at some close point in future. According to Dr. R. Henderson is a strategic analyst with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service took a quotation from New York Times “We [Iran] have learned that preserving our independence and survival in this unsuitable international climate is not possible without science, technology and the necessary tools, Iranian President Rafsanjani”.[7] Obviously, the clerics are aiming their ultimate goal to have nuclear capability with intention of nuclear bombs and Canadians are paying the clerics in Iran to built nuclear bombs so one day those nuclear bombs to hit Canadian soil!Dr. William Millward is a strategic analyst with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service discussed the clerics’ role as a problematic to world security and highlighted several gloomy record of the clerics in “Iran’s alleged nuclear ambitions; its opposition to the Middle East peace process; its support for terrorism in the region; its internal human rights abuses; assassinations of those opposed to the regime abroad”. [8]Inviting Honorable Prime Minister of Canada HARPER to the good ancient Zoroastrian faith and its good book Avesta, and this faith has three imperative principles a) Good Thoughts, b) Good Deeds, and c) Good Words, and please do not associate with the clerics in Iran that they believe in tenet of Islamic Tagheh which means a Muslim person could commit a sin and crime and as long as this crime is serving Islam’s best interest it is not a sin. RAFSANJANI one of children of Prophet Muhammad has his own interpretation of what is best serving interest of Islam and it is really fearsome for a person who has no conscience and can murder a person without faith and without mercy.Kindly, Canada needs to take a firm and assertive approach toward RAFSANJANI’s theft. There are many options which could be exercise by the authority against RAFSANJANI; such as, closure of the Highway 407 and all other industry under RAFSANJANI name to be confiscated for safety and security of innocent people in Canada.Last point, I used PEN name because I will ask other Iranian people to support me in this good cause and do not want my name to be reveal to others.
Thank you,
Kind regards

Iran Zamin
c.c. Crown Prince Reza PAHLAVI
c.c. others.
End Note:
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